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*Buyers: denotes highly targeted traffic in the Internet Marketing niche, offering a high percentage of potential buyers.
Plugging into our ‘UNIQUE TO US’ buyer traffic source can help you generate sales and commission faster than you ever thought possible.

You’re In Control

We send our traffic to you (you don’t have to lift a finger), and you can direct that traffic to anywhere you want.

Send it to affiliate offers, to your own offers, Use it for High Ticket offers. There are NO RESTRICTIONS, once we send you our traffic, that traffic is yours to do with as you wish.

Plus… Once you have it, you can use it over and over again.
*20.3k traffic figure is from just 1 site over 28 days... we have multiple sites driving traffic daily, you get it all.Images taken from Mark Bishops accounts - traffic results may be lower or higher


Traffic is money and money is traffic…

 Once you have access to unlimited traffic, making money online becomes a reality (on a consistent basis). If you can siphon thousands of visitors to your pages and offers this month, then you have the potential to make thousands of dollars this month.

$2,600 Per Day

We make an average of two thousand six hundred dollars per day simply because we have access to this traffic… the same traffic we’ll be sending you.

Unlimited Traffic on Demand

Once we plug you into our traffic source the traffic will start flowing instantly, and it will keep flowing… so you’ll never have to worry about traffic generation.

Can You Spare 1 MINUTE Per Day?

Around sixty seconds per day is all the time you’ll need…
and this works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


We’ll Send You Our Own Targeted Traffic... Daily
DON’T GET IT WRONG: Most people never achieve enough traffic to make a consistent profit online. Traffic generation is either way too expensive or just “way too time consuming”. Truth is… we’ve spent years building and perfecting ours.


So, what if there was a shortcut, which enabled you to reach thousands of highly targeted potential buyers ‘INSTANTLY ON DEMAND’ - So you could make thousands of dollars per month? And all without barely lifting a finger… 

What if we actually sent you OUR TRAFFIC DAILY?
Would That Change Your Online Business For The Better?

Of Course It Would…

How It Works..

Every single person that visits one of our pages is captured as a lead we can use over and over, regardless of whether they opt-in or not, it doesn't matter...
We receive anything from 20,000 to well over 100,000 hits to our pages every single month, and they’re all captured as leads. As a result we can target and reach out to them all in seconds, which means we can make $1000s whenever we do.

Without creating a blog or landing page, without spending $1000s on ads, and without having to do any significant work at all!

And it only takes around “60 seconds” per day to plug into this traffic…

76% Sold - 12 Spots Remain


Are we offering you an unfair advantage? Absolutely!
We all need more traffic, and with V Traffic (this offer) you get everything you need to generate more traffic & sales fast…
  • Send our traffic to any offer or page you wish
  • Re-use our leads over and over… You Control
  • This is Traffic on Demand!
  • Simple set-up (Training Included)
  • 100% UNLIMITED Targeted Buyer Traffic
  • The same traffic we use ourselves
  • PLUG-IN Instantly – Daily Traffic
  • Nothing to work out – we send you the traffic
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Start Your Unlimited Traffic Today

Usually $1997, Today Only 1-Time $127

What Traffic Source?

For The First Time Ever

Number #1:

Our sales pages are some of the best in the industry amassing 100s of 1000s of visitors and Millions in Revenue and Commission.
For the first time ever we’re going to let 25 people just like you to siphon traffic from our pages on an unlimited basis. That means targeted traffic flooding from our pages directly to you day in, day out… So you can start making money online.

Ready - Click - Traffic

Your traffic is just a few clicks away... In just a few mouse clicks you'll have access to the same targeted buyers we use ourselves…

The same traffic that's enabled us to make millions. And once it starts it’ll just keep coming.
E.G. Our WarriorPlus product launches alone have received over 441,000 visitors in the past 3 months…

How Much Per Month?

Could you make $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 over the next 30 days if you had access to this kind of traffic?

YES! I bet you could!

But… Are you really going to do all the hard work yourself?

Sure you could do it yourself… we did, but then it did take us one hell of a long time.

...And I’ll be honest, if I’d found an offer like this when I was starting out I’d have jumped at it immediately.

Don't Do DIY

  • So, ask yourself… Do you want to do the same thing we did and do it all yourself?
  • Do you want to figure out how to drive the traffic you need without our help?
You can do it, but believe me it’s costly and massively time consuming… 

Just creating “one” of these pages costs us $1000’s as well as 100s of hours of work!

Or you could benefit from our pages and our targeted traffic without the massive cost or the endless hours of work!

Start Your Unlimited Traffic Today

Usually $1997, Today Only 1-Time $127

76% Sold - 12 Spots Remain

Discounted Price Will Change to $1997 Soon.

You Have 2 Options

When It Comes To Generating Buyer Traffic
Sure you could do it yourself… we did, but then it did cost us $1000s and took years of hard work.

You’ll Probably…
  • Buy more and more courses on traffic generation.
  • Try this, Try that and still fail.
  • Spend an age researching instead of generating a profit from the very start.
  • Spend vast amounts of money on even more training, courses and paid ads
  • And in the end… most people will fail and give up!


Let us send you our highly targeted traffic so you can start generating profit from day 1

Start Now…
  • This will enable you to start getting buyer traffic instantly.
  • We’ll plug you into our own traffic
  • Nothing to figure out… we’ll actually send you the traffic you need
  • No figuring stuff out. No thinking about how to make it work.
  • You’ll have traffic on demand which you can use however you wish.


IMPORTANT: This is available for our CUSTOMERS ONLY
ViralMoolah Traffic enables you to start generating commission / profit from 
day 1 due to the instant buyer traffic we’ll send you.


Due To The Nature Of This Offer… LIMITATIONS APPLY
As a new ViralMoolah customer, we’re happy to offer this ‘Never-Done-Before game-changing upgrade to you for TINY (Massively Discounted) one-time price.

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76% Sold - 12 Spots Remain

Discounted Price Will Change to $1997 Soon.

See You Inside!

Venkata Ramana


We'll PLUG you into our actual traffic & you'll remain plugged in for a minimum of 12 months... 
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Warning: If you don’t claim your targeted traffic now, it will go to our next customer.
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